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Well this is basically my first attempt at blogging, such as it is. So here we go!

The basis of all of this is my life in photography. We have created a website here that is going to feature and sell my photographs from years past. Hopefully you will get some enjoyment out of it and maybe I will get some cake money out of the deal too.
So the beginning of this is 1968. I decided that instead of shooting hot rods and drag strips I would point the camera in the direction of people playing music. The first attempt I made at it was Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention in Chicago.
I had moved to Chicago from my home in Iowa, because Chicago is where they had the Blues and the city is where they had psychedelics and you know; it was still a safe 8 hour drive to home cookin’. So that was my life.
I started taking pictures and then they began to get better! Soon I got braver and opportunities increased! My primary concern back then was to get into concerts for free. You know, that would have sufficed, but then someone started to pay me for my pictures and I thought that was a lovely way to get through life. Then I figured out there might be a way to make a living doing this full time.

That was then and this is now, with a lot of ground in between, so I will continue to tell little stories and show new pictures. I won’t have very many things to say that don’t have a lot to do with photographs, but if someone wants to ask me about this or that or the other thing you can send me an email and there is a feature on this website that will help you do just that. Or you can send it directly to blogs@kirkwestphotography.
So I hope you are enjoying what you are seeing and maybe getting a little something out of what you are reading. Ok…come back soon.

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