Boxes marked photos, slides, & stuff


Artists of all kinds often reach a tipping point where their life no longer reflects their work as much as their work becomes a reflection of their life; it becomes a history of the journeys taken and the destinations reached.  The path is not as significant as the journey itself and what was recorded along the way is what remains most important.  One morning Kirk West awoke to the realization that he had a lifetime of special moments stored in boxes that had yet to see the light of day.

Being a fan first and foremost, of music and photography, Kirk knew this had to change. When life presented the opportunity to catalogue and organize his archives, he jumped on it. Fate, they say, is not a trivial thing.

Did you know?

Every image on this website is available for licensing and most are available for sale directly through our website. While the selection of photos here are amazing, we haven’t even scratched the surface. If you have a specific band, or artist in mind, or if you have any specific subject matter in mind, why not contact us and let us know. We will let you know immediately if we have if or not, and more importantly if we can get it. Be sure to check out Kirk’s other photography sites as well.

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